Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Gardeners Questions?

Growing in Haringey 2014 Gardeners Questions 

Bring your questions – and answers; meet others interested in gardening and all that goes with it; and share news about what’s going on in the very active local and community gardening networks hereabouts!

3rd Thursdays of month, 6.30-8pm at 
Big Green Bookshop, (Brampton Park Rd, off Wood Green High Rd, N22) 

Mar 20 How much food do people around here grow? 
How important is locally grown food -- for health, sustainability, and quality of life? How can we find out about what is already being grown and by who, how many would like to grow more and what would help them with this?

No April session – too close to Easter

May 15 Pollinators, pests and predators: mini-beasts in garden ecology 
How important are our gardens to local bee-keepers, to the bumblebees and other native pollinators that fertilise fruit and seeds, and to the mini-beastie creepie-crawlies that Buglife calls ‘the small things that run the world’? What can we do to help them help us? (You can bring photos/specimens for ID)

Jun 19 Climate-proof gardening
We might be lucky with the weather, for a change, but chances are we’ll be facing either another wash-out summer, or drought, again! Your tips and experiences on ‘climate-proofing’ your gardening?

 Jul 17 Wild harvests and urban forage 
Even in densely built up cities, there’s a surprising amount of free fresh food available if you know what to look for….

Aug 21 Finding space to garden?
Containers and balconies, roof gardens, garden shares, guerrilla gardening – and reclaiming neglected patches of green-space as community gardens – bring your experiences, and find out how others hereabouts have tackled these challenges. What more is needed to let everyone who wants to garden have space to grow?

Sep 18 Why save your own seeds -- and how to?
Breaking the power of the market, local and heritage varieties – but under threat from EU rules!

Oct 16 Celebrating harvest season How’s it been for you?

Nov 20 How much do gardens matter in modern cities, and why?
 Looking back over the year, and forward to next growing season – what does gardening mean to you?

Dec? -- Maybe a Xmas party if we feel like it?

22 Feb 2015 Seed Swap Sunday! 

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